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Versuri Pretty Maids - Young Blood


Versuri >> Pretty Maids >> Young Blood
Videoclip Melodie
Daddy's girl, she works the night away

Through tears and pain, she makes it day by day

Once her heart was weak

It was aching for more

She was more than complete

Admired and adored

It wouldn't die out

The fire inside her

And still it burns

But the fire has gone

High born, rich man's girl

A white swan in her own little world

Always had more money than sense

She turns her back on those she depended on

It's just a little change of attitude

She never felt this way before

She doesn't know what she'll be going through

She wants more

Young blood

Your future is held

In the hands of a stranger

Young blood

Don't ever give your heart away

Night time, hanging around

Dealing with the wrong guys

On the wrong side of town

A good time on someone's backseat

You've got to get out, but you're dragging your

And now you're walking with a bad reputation

Hot gossip going with your name

Two different worlds are such a tough combination

Your heart is bleeding

And you're living in shame

Whatever happened to your dignity

Out where the days have no names

You're left alone with your philosophies

And your dreams


Another lazy day

Another crazy night

Another lonely heart

Has broken up inside

Hanging on the edge

It ain't funny

But that's how it goes

When you trade love for money

Oh whatever happened to your dignity

Don't look away


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