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Versuri Pain Of Salvation - Leaving Entropia Epilogue


Versuri >> Pain Of Salvation >> Leaving Entropia (Epilogue)
Videoclip Melodie
[music & lyrics: daniel gildenlow]

walk with me

and see the world I see

it is our home

it's where we all belong

life is flair

a brittle dress we wear

a fleeting sigh

but though pointless it may seem...

live as death were but a dream

you don't have to walk their way

you don't have to watch the show

you don't have to play their game

and you don't have to die to leave entropia

all remains...

forgotten smiles in frames

two fleeting lives cut down to pocket-size

walk with me

and change the world we see

we'll cease to be

just people passing by

home is where we all get by

you don't have to cry for more

you don't have to have it all

you don't have to win a war

if death is but a dream

then don't let me...

...fall asleep

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