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Versuri Meredith Brooks - Your Name


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Versuri >> Meredith Brooks >> Your Name
Videoclip Melodie
You're everywhere I walk

I don't remember if I smiled

I don't think we talked

But you always hung around a while

And I don't know your name

Yeah I think that you were tall

I don't remember if I was ever nice to you at all


Suddenly you come undone

You tell me I'm the only one

You hold my head up with a gun

And tell me that we are in love

You touch me and you want the same

I close my eyes and start to pray

And tell you I will be the way

You want if you will only say your name

You wrote me everyday

I never knew that it was you

I just threw it all away

I didn't know what else to do

Jesus told you to find me

And never ever let me go

And we would be so happy

He promised you that I would know


I am sorry - so sorry oh

I am sorry Jesus forgot to tell me

I see that you are crying

I know you only meant to be with me

Maybe I was hasty

I should have listened more carefully

Please tell me it’s not too late

Your decision has been made

Before you pull the trigger

Please won't you tell me your name?


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