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Versuri Lucas Marx - You were mine


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Versuri >> Lucas Marx >> You were mine
Videoclip Melodie
And in this morning light
my heart will only open wider
Let the beams come flowing in
Cause'I know that by tonight
The stars will light me up much higher
Take me away inside the wind
We can't go back, to how things were
Because we know
As time goes
We'll only wait till the day we run away
We can't run away
Stop and rewind
When the moon sat high to light our faces
Remember the time
When the lives we knew just couldn't chase us
Take me back to when you showed me
Life was not so gray and lonely
I won't forget the times......You were
were mine

Now I just won't stop holding on
To the time I spent with you
It's never to late to really think this through
I wanna hold you every day
And breathe you through the night
with this one thing left to say
We're gonna be alright..We're gonna be alright
Just give me one more chance
To show you just the man I've become
All I nees is one last dance
I'll fix the messed up things that I've done
Cause'I know that in your heart you see
All that I can really be...
For you
You were mine

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