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Versuri Kurupt - Your Gyrlfriend


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Versuri >> Kurupt >> Your Gyrlfriend
Videoclip Melodie
Your Gyrlfriend


Yeah right, I ain't no motha fucking hoe

My home girl a hoe

Shit nigga, I got my own shit

And I'm tryin to get up on your mind nigga but
shit. . .


Just another day sunny C-A-L, try to pass and

I knew it was your bitch by the way her pussy

But whats this?

This nigga actin just like the bitch,

Cause he like the bitch,

He just like the bitch,

Your girl ain't nothing but a bitch leavin
messages on all on nigga's service,

You actin jus like the hoe,

Actin' like he don't know,

The all-mighty, ball-blowing, like jaws a lil

You hit the spot?

Perfect bitch,

Ever seen your bitch when she slurp on dicks?

With that birth mark right on her upper thigh,

With a mouth like that I don't sympathize,

She do things with her mouth you gotta see wit
your own two eyes bitch nigga

actin surprised,

See Daz beat the cock,

But you love the bitch,

See be eatin dicks and you kissin the bitch,

(Corus [Daz])

You know. . .that I know. . .That your gyrlfriend,
is a hoe,

I know. . .that you know. . .That your gyrlfriend,
is my hoe.


I want it blow,

Get it on.

Drop 6-6 on 5 hoes nigga its on.

Cadillac domes,

Magnum and chromes,

Put it, strap it on,

Dont take it off more than 3 days it'll (??)

Get the whole tip of your dick burned off,

Fuck around with that bitch of yours,

She's no different from the rest of the whores.

Might be nasty, unclassy, sassy, untrustworthy
plastic bitch.

And you got the nerve to fall in love with the

And actin' like your ballin Captain Fall In Love
With a Bitch,

Now you know about the girl that you chose to

Chillin with the homies, buyin' sacks from K-Dubb.

Smokin' up, chokin' up, payin for the smokin up.

In the cut, take this game and start soakin up.

Hookin' up with Jesus what I see,

While Daz takin' your bitch upstairs I be,

Waitin' to fuck the bitch my goddam self,

with 18 rubbers, cause your bitch is hazardes to
my health.

and you know, like I know, that your trick ass,
skanky ass bitch is a hoe



Any Nigga can get the pussie, (Nah I don't think

All it takes is some time, (yeah that's right!)

You can hit it like you want it, (UHhhh)

Hit up or from behind.


You aint stickin that big dick up in my ass uh-uh,
that shit looks ferousis.

oh I'm straight nigga. Pelase Be-weave-it


Shut the fuck up bitch,

Eat a dick bitch,

Eat a bowl of shit bitch,

Munch on a mouthful of balls, in halls and malls

Just shut the fuck up bitch and work your jaws.

Take a pill bitch, chill bitch.

Jerk your jaws,

Eat the pussy in then work the walls.

I seen that nigga last week it's like this,

What a hoe ass nigga, he still in love wit the

Chorus x 2 1/4

BEITCH!!!! (Fuck You)

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