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Versuri Jennifer Knapp - You Remain


Versuri >> Jennifer Knapp >> You Remain
Videoclip Melodie
Though I am poor and needy

My Shelter You'll be

Not by my merit lead me

To where You say

Waste my time on lover's quarrels

Speed my breath and hope to stumble

Out of my distrain and still

You Remain

My Wall, my Mighty Tower

Be my Shadow come cover me

Till all my enemies cower

Jealous of my King

Though the day be laced with trouble

Be the stone o'er which I stumble

Straight into the arms and stay

Where You Remain

They said to me I would fall by the wayside

Answer me now

Answer me now

The fatherless we may be weary

Be our Peace and do not tarry

Wait we will for Your Joy

Be my Portion promised me, o Lord

May I be forever

Where You Remain

Where You remain

Where You...

Where You remain

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