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Versuri Hughes Turner Project - Hold On


Videoclip Melodie

I don't mean to disturb you

Now dont'cha get me wrong

Although I'll never hurt you

But there's something goin' on

You know I got my suspicions

More than eyes can see

I got a strange intuition and it's haunting me

Now do I have your attention

And do I have your trust

Did I happen to mention

I've seen gold turn to rust

There are some with a power

But they hide their face

And in the darkest hour

They control our fate

We're goin' through the changes

Address unknown, we're gonna rearrange it

And now I see the light

I think it's time to let you know

I'm on my way, so don't let go

Hold on-hold on

Hold on-hold on

Could it all be a daydream

Lies become the truth, nothing is as it seems

I will send you the proof

I don't mean to alarm you

But it's all coming down

You can do what you want to

You can turn it around


It's so jaded, let us fall

So related, in us all

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