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Versuri Hecate Enthroned - Centuries Of Wolven Hunger


Versuri >> Hecate Enthroned >> Centuries Of Wolven Hunger
Videoclip Melodie
Give me the art of cheating and deceiving of thy

May each and all become the death of ancient
winter screams

Thus on her knees shall bequeath

The cold, cold moon writhes under

What thou desirest thou shalt obtain

As the war begins, Jehovah be slain

Darkness seeps upon abyss

Shall victimise the serpents kiss

Feast and drain thy goblet deep

A silence torn unto defeat

I wait for thee of killing spree

The soul and pain both unredeemed

As silence burns in witching hour

As thou wilt seek to hear them scream

Since thou hath made thy offering

The truth be known of evening spring

Who the chase by night preferest thee

Misfortuned deemed uncertainty

Thou who wakest in starry slumber

Of the stars and of the moon

The wolven screams of thy desire

Of the horn thyself the huntress

Huntress of the night forseen

Of cloaking blackness too obscene

Although our sight - ARADIA

The dance in flames for thy slumber

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