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Versuri Gary Numan - You Walk In My Soul


Versuri >> Gary Numan >> You Walk In My Soul
Videoclip Melodie
When my eyes first saw you

A vision

My heart missed a beat

And I cried

I knew then I loved you

And I do

Now you are my reason for living

And now

You walk in my soul

You dance in my heart

You draw breath for me

I'll stand by your side

I'll kneel at your feet

Share my life with me

I've waited years

I've waited all my life for you

You are my world

All of my dreams and I need you

I'll love you forever

And a day

I'll love you till God comes and takes me away

You sing to my soul

You play with my heart

You breathe life for me

I'll always be yours

And I'd die for you

Share my life with me

I can't believe

How much you mean to me, and so

Pick up a piece

A piece of my heart

And stay with me

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