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Versuri Desire - Chapter II Leaving This Land Of The Eternal Desires


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Versuri >> Desire >> Chapter II (Leaving) This Land Of The Eternal Desires
Videoclip Melodie
At last, I can feel it, the burning sky over me.

Am I falling or rising from this garden of

This endless agony will be always present

In this strange dance with my destiny.

The vast eternity touches my soul,

As the light that haunt me fades away...

Tears of blood feeding my hate

To that place of pain, that once was my fate.

For my Desire I cry... your Desire...

I cry for my Desire...

Thorns of trust in these moments of hidden pain,

Thoughtless sadness, yet so vain...

This yearning and painful farewell,

Will be endlessly heartfelt.

I cry for my Desire...

Ancient desires arrested in flesh,

Now and forever left behind,

I cry for my Desire...

Will be tirelessly and always remembered

To the last of the pleasures given.

I cry for my Desire... I cry...

My soul will be always grateful to the wordly pain
and love.

But soon as I fall asleep, alone in this sinful

I wish I went so far as my wings can fly...

I die... I cry...

So bring next to me, that Crow of immortality...

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