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Versuri Catch 22 - Leaving


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Versuri >> Catch 22 >> Leaving
Videoclip Melodie
I'm leaving here today. I'm gonna go real far away
from here. I'm gonna find a girl like the one I
met in high school. But she's not gonna get away
this time. I'm gonna keep her by my side. Not
gonna lose my grip on you. I'm gonna somehow make
it through this time. Not gonna fuck up like I did
back then. Maybe I'll even fall in love again.
(chorus) And when I try to make things right. I
always seem to lose the fight. Can't seem to hold
on to my life. So I go on through the pain. That's
why I'm leaving here today. Won't make it any
other way. Cigarettes & sleep are the only things
that keep me from losing my mind maybe in time
you'll know that. Without you I am nothing I have
always acted blind. I'm never coming home because
you left me all alone last night and you never
even showed up in the morning. And so I try to
find a way to hold it in. I guess you win this
time. Good friends are hard to find. (repeat

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