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Versuri Callenish Circle - Your Final Swansong


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Versuri >> Callenish Circle >> Your Final Swansong
Videoclip Melodie
Whisper slowly, words retrieved / The more you
suffer the more I grieve / No

cure to ease your pain / Forgive me I feel ashamed
/ I'm keeping my promise

/ It will be over soon / Gently, softly, you won't
feel a thing / This is

what you wanted / I will end your suffering now /
Between these grey brick

walls / Weeping empty tears / Still picturing your
face / Your embrace

haunting in my dreams / Choose now or never / It
is time to end this now /

This will be the promised relief / Hearing your
heartbeat slowing down /

Pulling you close where you belong / Pushing you
away / This is your final


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