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Versuri C Murder - Young Thugs


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Versuri >> C Murder >> Young Thugs
Videoclip Melodie

Don't real niggas die, in god we return,

but respect the real though, feel that

Chorus: Young Thugs

You better watch your back before you get yourself

'Cause niggas 'round here ain't gon' show u no

Them niggas ain't no friend to you

All them niggas wanna do is put a end to you

(verse 1: C-Murder)

Look at the future, look into the eyes of the men
that might shoot ya

Even your best friend might do ya

Why take a chance on a man just because he shake
your hand

Them same niggas kill for a grand and i don't

All that friendship shit is played out

You better wake up before you be layed out

I know u smoke weed with'em and you trust'em like
your brother

But he ain't your brother

Nigga listen to your mother

You walk around like you big and bad nigga

If you was in jail you might be fag nigga

How can i love you, you don't love yourself

You play the game raw fool and its bad for your

(chorus) (2x)

(verse 2: Hollaway of the GC's)

Now whats a friend what a patner

How do tell who's an imposter

A nigga you see rarely could be diggin down your
bitch daily,

it scares me

My little brothers in that situation

Ther's clowns hangin' round because there's paper
in this occupation

I done warned ya, the same one you tote wit'

Sell your little dope wit'

Or get your fuckin' throat slit

Wanna be a hustler nigga? holla at me, there's
rules to the game

First of all don't FUCK wit' the lame

I used to hit the block, glock cock stone in my

Hollerin' at them hoes

Pullin' flights on po-pos

But now im Hollaway

With the GC's until my diein' day

There's freedom on the streets if you cherish it
try to stay

(chorus) (2x)

(verse 3: Popeye)

Think about when I stood that may be left when i
was foldin' my few

Just tryin' to see who lyin' me when i was told
that i knew

Boldin' my crew between the edge of my future with
no return

On any hella-heart in the flesh but no concern,

Rainy nights and waterfalls

To walk away on a date my daughter call

Y'all tryin' make a way to slaughter y'all

Even though we held up rukus before the battle

Made it through pistol poppin' unlockin' i saw
your shadow standin'

next to me wit just a clip

Flallin' beside me couldn't resist to flip

You held me down but yet we missed a ship

Reachin' out abusin' my purpose to guide the night

Notice that I'm a part of your blood and what i
might do

(chorus) (4x)

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