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Versuri Bruce Springsteen - ZERO AND BLIND TERRY


Versuri >> Bruce Springsteen >> ZERO AND BLIND TERRY
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The Skulls met the Pythons

Down at the First Street station

Alliance has been made in alleyways

All across the nation

These boys live off the milk of a silver jet

And the love of sweet young women

The Pythons are down from old Englishtown

And they 're looking to do some living

Well the leader of the Pythons

Is a kid they just call Zero

Now Terry's pop says these kids

Are some kind of monsters

But Terry says No, Pop

They're just plain heroes

Zero and Terry had found a love

That burned like wild fire

Now Terry's dad understood

That this zero was no good

A tramp, a thief and a liar

Well from out of the darkness

That breaks the dawn

Zero rode like twilight

He said Tonight's the night

Blind Terry come on

Terry come on

Tonight is the night

Pack your bags baby

And together they ran like reindeers

Through the streets

Well like tomorrow the earth

Is gonna catch on fire

Now Terry's dad hired some troopers

To kill zero and bring Terry back home

They caught up in the night, like firelightThem
starlight troopers....

Zero marches through Terry's field

They met the Pythons down on Route Nine

But they refused to yield

Now the Pythons fought with blazed guns

And the troopers with swords of light

And Zero and Terry they ran away

And the gang fought all through the night

Now some folks say

Zero and Terry got away

Other said they were caught and brought back

Ah, still young pilgrims to this day

Go to that spot way down by the railroad tracks

Where the troopers met the Pythons

Old timers cry on a hot August night

If you look hard enough, if you try

You'll see Zero and Terry and all the Pythons

Just hiking them streets up in the sky.

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