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Videoclip Melodie
i remember just the best of you,

like the beatings and bruises you gladly through.

and when it came down for mental support

a blatant strike was how you would resort.

tell me what i have done wrong to deserve pain so

haven't i proven your pride or just a loser in
your eyes?

so what in the truth is to expect from you after
being so abused, so comfused?

but thats alright because it only shows that all
you had to offer were a few low blows.

where did i do you wrong?

when have i done you wrong?

i know you wish i never existed.

showing destain you never resisted.

a real father figure you never showed.

just emptiness is all i knew.

tell me where did i go wrong?

was i when i was first born?

i could never be your son for all the damage that
you've done.

where did i do you wrong?

when have i failed to show that i can only hold
such wrong...

sorry about the html but im too damn lazy to
erase it.

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