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Versuri A New Found Glory - Chelsea Smile


Versuri >> A New Found Glory >> Chelsea Smile
Videoclip Melodie
Economy the American dream

Deciecing the world it's vanity seen

Democratic a crook of shit

Bush is a cunt a puss filled cyst

Power. greed. currupt and sick

There's nothing but lies, scandal and shit

Western bliss the illusion persists

Political whores in betrayal exsist

A fucking clown a limp dick bitch

Propaganda the subtle twist

A Chelsea smile's what you need

A megalomanic on power you feed

Manipulate. desecrate. deviod of peace

There's too much hate

Putrid sewage is what you talk

You don't fool me with your media walk

Taken away. submit don't flinch

Your bones will break and you'll

Suffer the pain

Suffocating. dominating

Scream. choke. bleed and die

USA a convict state

An internal prison full of hate

Emasculate every race

Unaware they're all still slaves

Bureaucracy controls your fate

Subterfuge assassinates

Obvious it's a fucking lie

Crawl out of my ass and get a life

Faceless. hatred. no shame

Blood stains. no hope remains

Kill me

Intelligence Its what you preach

Nothing solved. its too out of reach

Desperate to catch your prey

But he'll live to kill again

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