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Versuri A Life Once Lost - Man Enough To C


Versuri >> A Life Once Lost >> Man Enough To C
Videoclip Melodie
Daddy always told you, do it like a man, never get
too friendly,

ome won't understand, friends have got you in on
all those hard things that they've planned,

All your life they told you, never shed a tear,
cuz boys don't crave affection,

Boys ain't got no fear,

But did they ever show you how to shut those
feelings on then off again


And now you gotta hide yourself, hide yourself

Show you care and you might show the world that
you're only gay,

Crying is for babies, for boys is it a sin,

To be a caring, sharing, loving, human one

Handshake show you're friendly, but don't get

You gotta fight to prove you're not afraid, fuck
just to prove you're not,

And all your life you play this game and it goes
on and on and on and on,

Now you've grown into a man, proud as hell to be,

It's now your turn to raise a son, don't let him
be one,

And you can teach him all the things you were
taught yourself

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