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Versuri A Canorous Quintet - Only Fear Of Death


Versuri >> A Canorous Quintet >> Only Fear Of Death
Videoclip Melodie
Psst, Ay yo, Are you afraid to die?

or do you wanna live forever?

Tell me

What's Wrong?

They wanna bury me

I'm worried

I'm losing my mind

Look down the barrel of my nine

And my vision is blurry

Falling to pieces, am I guilty?

I pray to the lord, but he ignores me

Unfortunately, because I'm guilty

Show me a miracle, I'm hopeless

I'm choking on Marijuana smoke

With every toke is

Like I'm losing focus

Falling asleep while I'm in service

When will I die?

Forever, paranoid nervous

Because I'm high

don't mention funerals, I'm stressing, And going

And remincing about the niggas that murdered my

I wonder when will I be happy

Ain't nothing funny

Flashbacks of busting caps

Anything for money

Where am I going, I've discovered

Can't understand

Why My next door nieghbor is having carloads of

What a suprise in the mailbox

Hope she get it

Happy Birthday bitch, you know you shouldn't of
did it

Everybodies dying, am I next


Will they be G's and look at me

Before they bust

Or will they kill me while I'm sleeping

Two to the head

While I'm in bed, leaking

blood on my satin sheets

Is there a heaven for a baller?

Gettin' susipicious of this bitch

The line is busy everytime I call her

Now she's telling me to visit

Who else is home?

I check the house before I bone

So we alone

After I nut

I hit the highway, see ya later

To all the playas, watched her fly way

A nigga played her

Bitch is telling all her homies

That I can fuck her like no other

And now other bitches wanna bone me

I'm under pressure, getting drunk

Somebody help me

I drank a fifth of hennessey

I don't think its healthy

I see my enemies they creeping

Don't make me blast

I watch the 5-0 roll, the mutha-fuckas pass

Nod me like they know me

Smiling as they laugh

I put up my middle finger, then I dash

Niggas don't like me cuz I'm thugging

And everyday, I'm a hustler

Looking to get paid

They wanna bury me, I'm worried

No need to lie

I pray to god

I won't scream when Its time to fry

No where to rest

I'm losing homies

Ain't that a bitch

When I was rich I had clout

Now a niggas lonely

I put the pistol to my head

and say a pray

I see visions of me dead

Lord are you there

They tell me I'm lost, cuz I'm lonely

I thought I had friends

But in the end

A nigga dies lonely

No where to run

I'm in terror

And no one cares

A close casket at my funeral

But no one is there

Is there a future for a killer

I change my ways

But still that don't promise me the next day

So I stay thugging with a passion

Forever Blasting

I'm busting on you mutha-fuckas when I mash

They wonder if I'm hell bound

Well hell can't be worse than this

Cuz I'm in hell now

Don't make me hurt you

I don't want to, But I will

I've seen mutha-fuckas killed over blown deals

Never will I die, I'll be back

Re-incarnated as a mutha-fucking Mac

Eleven, cuz in heaven

There's no shortage on G's

I'm telling you now

You mutha-fuckas don't know me...

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