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Versuri A Canorous Quintet - 2 Live Blues


Versuri >> A Canorous Quintet >> 2 Live Blues
Videoclip Melodie
Artist: 2 Live Crew

Album: As nasty as they wanna be

Song: 2 Live Blues

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Brother Marquis:

I bring home the bacon

Bitch I put it in your hand

But behind my back bitch

You been seen with another man

Oh I just had to shed a tear

Bitch you got to leave here

Is it me or him baby?

So long my motherfuckin' dear

Luke Skyywalker:

Come lay you black ass down

Right beside me

Hold onto my dick

While I grab a little bit of that pussy

Suck it right

Bitch suck it all night

And if you ask me to eat some pussy

I choke your black ass all night

Fresh Kid Ice:

Since my baby left me

I been doin' well on my own

Fucked the neighbour's wife

And broke up a happy home

Now the bitch wanna live with me

This long dick Chinese

Bitch if you can't fry rice

Well get your bald-head ass out tonight

Mr. Mixx:

I met this raggedy bitch

Down on southwest eighth street

I fuck that bitch from the top of her head

To the bunyons on her motherfuckin' feet

I said Bitch as long as your pussy is

It's a goddamn sin

I gotta hold an ironing board across your chest

To keep from fallin' in

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